Arvydas Strumskis - LitBAN


Arvydas Strumskis

Managing Partner at Business Angel Funds I, II

LitBAN Founding and Board Member

Business angels fund II invests into innovative and export oriented companies in Lithuania. The Fund will invest only together and on equal basis with Business Angel. The Fund’s and Business Angel’s overall goal is to invest and earn a return. Business Angel is a company or private individual that is ready to invest his funds into the selected target and to share personal business experience with management of the company. The Fund and Business Angel will participate in business development together with other shareholders and founders of the company. Fund managers seek to work closely with business owners, consultants and executives with successful business experience. The Fund and Business Angel will acquire new shares issue or (and) new issue of convertible bonds. A portion of previously issued shares from current owners can also be redeemed. The Fund and Business Angel will exit their stake together with founders to strategic or financial investor or to founders of the company.
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