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🚅 Speed

Angel Investors usually invest faster than VCs, because they have less legal and stakeholder restrictions. However, this is not to say that the speed is detrimental to quality.

☎️ Knowledge and contacts

Alongside cash, Angel investors bring their life-time knowledges and connections that you will be able to leverage to grow faster.

🌟 Credibility

If a well known Business Angel believes in your startup, this means that he trusts the way you execute. This exhibition of trust can lead to more sales and future investments.

🤸🏼 Flexibility

Raising an investment from an Angel or a syndicate of Angels will allow you to settle on a term sheet more adapted to your business.

🗺️ Many "Déjà vu"

Many angels in our network are ex-founders that have been in your position. Because they know the challenges, they can help you overcome them and take the efficiency of your startup into another level.

🌉 Bridging the gap

There is a large gap between the pre-pre-pre seed stage when you invest your savings to buy a domain name, and the stage when VCs can confidently invest in your startup. Angel investors bridge this gap and allow you to survive through this desert.

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