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Darius Šoparas

Owner and CEO of Creative Partner ( most popular invoicing platform Sąskaita123 ( owner and…

Aleksandras Nechoroškovas

Growth & Marketing Leader, previously at Toptal. I help companies achieve hyper-growth by building marketing…

Vigantas Vėbra

Co-Founder at UAB Skubios siuntos, authorised UPS contractor in Lithuania.

Lina Astrauskė

Angel Investor

Tomas Malinauskas

Co-Founder and CFO at Whatagraph

Audrius Zabotka

Procurator at Hirexo Expert in a personal capacity at European Commission Ex-CEO and and Board…

Audrius Dzikevičius

Managing Partner of Eurokonsultantų grupė

Venantas Miškinis

LitBAN Founding and Board Member

Martynas Kandzeras

LitBAN Founding and Board Member

Rita Sakus

LitBAN Founding and Board Member

Vladas Lašas

Chairman of the Board at LitBAN
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